Carrier Benefits

Put Your Brand in Front of Shoppers

The Auto Insurance Network sees thousands of shoppers each day looking for auto insurance. Why not put your brand exactly where consumers are looking to purchase a policy?

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Engage Active Buyers

We target only the consumers who are shopping for auto insurance right now


You provide us information about your coverage areas, target age groups, and ideal consumer.


We ask consumers information about themselves, like where they live and their driving history.


Based on the information provided from both your targeting and from the consumer, a match page is created with programs that fit both your preferences and theirs.

A New Policyholder

The consumer clicks on your ad, calls you, or submits information to be contacted about purchasing an auto insurance policy.

Powerful Targeting

The Auto Insurance Network uses real-time bidding technology powered by Katch that enables advertisers to reach certain consumers shopping for auto insurance based on service coverage areas, driving history, home ownership, and other factors. For example, if you don’t offer insurance coverage in the state of Georgia, your brand will not appear in matching listings. Our SuperBid option allows advertisers to dig deeper by enabling them to place higher bids for consumers who meet certain parameters, like drivers over the age of 35.

Clicks, Calls, and Leads

The Auto Insurance Network gives advertisers the ability to connect with their consumers in three ways – a click to their website, a call to their call center, or a lead so the advertiser can contact the consumer directly. This enables the advertiser to choose engagements based on their capacity and infrastructure, and gives consumers the freedom to choose how they would like to interact with the brand to purchase their auto insurance plan.

Portfolio of High-Quality Media

The Auto Insurance Network has high-quality media partners whose websites see thousands of health insurance shoppers each week. The reach for advertisers within the Auto Insurance Network is unparalleled.

Powerful Technology

The Auto Insurance Network’s self-serve, real-time bidding platform, powered by Katch, enables advertisers to use features like real-time bidding, advanced reporting, and right pricing

  • Real-time Bidding
  • Self-service
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Right Pricing
  • Control of Creative Copy
  • Consumer Targeting